Pre Market Entry Advisory Support

Customized Market Research & Feasibility Assessment

Market Sizing, Trend Analysis & Forecast, Opportunity Assessment
Estimating the market basis product categories, market type and understanding the trends and Need Gaps in the Market
End-user / Customer Analysis
Understanding Potential Customers and their requirements
Supply Chain Analysis
Insights about the distribution structure, value chain analysis and emerging market trends
Competition Benchmarking & Mapping along with Pricing Analysis
Understanding the competitive environment and their specific market strategies
Taxation & Regulatory Insights
Overview of the taxation, regulatory framework and policy updates
India Entry Strategy Formulation / Go-To-Market Strategy Development & Recommendations
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Entry Routes

Evaluating different Entry Routes in India; comparative study of advantages & disadvantages of different routes and suggesting Ideal Entry Route; Analyzing Entry Route of Competitors in Indian market

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Product Short-listing & Prioritization

Short-listing Product Offerings that should be introduced initially in the Indian market

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Focus Industries

Identifying Major end-user markets to focus on initially for easy penetration in the new market

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Location Analysis (Industry Cluster Analysis)

Analyzing Key Regions where potential customers are based

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Sales Channel Structure

Ideal Sales Channel Structure for targeting the Indian market; Recommendation on E-Commerce tie-ups (if required and applicable)

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Penetration Pricing

Landed Cost, Price Build-up and Advising on price point for market penetration

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Risk Aversion Factors & Recommendations

Overview of major learning’s from the competitors success or failure in the Indian market and how these can be implemented to lower the gestation time and avoid risks; Recommendation on any other Critical Factors for success in Indian market

Facilitating Market Entry Execution Support

Partner Appointment

(New & Additional Import & Sales Distribution Partner/Sales Agent & Representative/Licensing & Contract Manufacturing Partners etc.)

We have developed a unique proprietary five stage Funnel-Filtration Approach to find the best suited credible partners that can offer mutual synergies. Through this process we ensure that you have sufficient options of potential partners to “Choose the Best and Leave the Rest”.
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Identification & Profiling of all possible Partners

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Genrating Willingness

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Evaluation of Interested Companies

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Selection & Closure

Sales & Distribution Channel Management
As an extension to our Distribution Partner Appointment Service, we have developed this service for companies which have a long term plan to operate through distribution partners. This is ideal for the companies that prefer working on Low Risk Light Asset Model thus avoiding investing in setting up of Direct Operations in short to mid-term and avoiding obligations of hiring Direct Staff. We coordinate on behalf of our Clients as their Representatives with the Sales & Distribution Partners to ensure consistent and gradual development of the market in a logical period of time. Major activities we undertake in this service are-
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Periodic Meetings with Distributors (representing Principal/Client

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Checking Progress with regards to Market Develop-ment, Generating Client Accounts and Participation in major Exhibitions & Trade Shows

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Understanding Current Inventories & Stock Levels and New Stock/Orders Requirements

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Considering any challenges being faced and expected support required for overcoming them

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Reporting the findings to Principal/Client and advising on future course of actions

Advantages our Clients can consider by availing this Service include
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Updates at regular intervals on the progress being made by the Appointed Partners

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Any deviations and challenges can be corrected in a logical time span due to time bound & neutral updates

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Significant Cost Savings as no hiring of Direct Staff or Frequent Travels of Export Managers are required to be undertaken

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In case of sustaining challenges or poor performance, Partners can be supplemented or replaced

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For additional Product Portfolios and Market Segments, New Partners can be gradually appointed for enhancing Revenue

Private Label Customer & Sales Lead Generation

(Virtual Business Development Desk based in India for Global Companies)

Potential Leads Identification

Willingness Generation

Qualification and Techno- commercial Briefings

Engagement and Co-ordination with Partially/Semi-qualified Leads

Continuous Support through Follow-ups, Negotiations, Sample Fulfillment etc.

Prioritizing Potential of Leads along with Client

Engaging Client to convert qualified leads into Key Client Accounts

Strategic Sourcing Partner Appointment
India is currently among one of the top 5 manufacturing nations across the world and have been improving its ranking on Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index continuously. Currently India is not only one of the best option for setting up a manufacturing base and export house due to the low labour cost and very strong manufacturing competitiveness but has also been the sourcing destination for global companies which are leveraging India Market Advantage for Cost Reduction in their Production.
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Understanding sourcing requirements of clients(materials, quantities, technical specification, desired savings currents vendors delivery timeframe and other terms & conditions)

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Identifying potential sourcing partners Engaging in first level of discussions with them to understand their willingness and spare capacities.

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Floating RFQ's to interested partners for receiving their price quotations

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Short-listing the relevant partners basiss most competent quotes.

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Conducting evaluation on capabiliteis of shortlisted partners-qualify cerifications, willingness to develop prototypes, skilled manpower, machinery and reference checks from existing customers


Selecting appropriate partners by organizing their discussions with client and assisting in negotiating terms & conditions

Joint-Venture / Acquisition
Joint Venture / Acquisitions

Plant Set-Up

Plant Set-up
Company Incorporation
There is lot of interest among foreign companies to start operations in India and tap into one of the largest and fast growing markets, leveraging the low cost manufacturing advantage and have access to some of the best human resources in the world.

The company incorporation is required for foreign companies which are:

A minimum of one Director who is an Indian Resident is required for incorporation of an Indian Company along with an address in India.
* A Foreign National or an Entity in coporated outside India (except the citizen of or company incorporated in Pakistan & Bangladesh ) can invest and own a Company in India by acquirity shares of the company, subject to the FDI Policy of India.
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Employee Hiring
Hiring of appropriate Techno-Commercial Teams (including Country Manager, National & Regional Sales/Operation Managers etc.) with relevant experience & exposure that can reduce gestation time for efforts required in market development.
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Understanding of Job Roles, Key Responsibilities & Expected Profile of desired Candidates

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Identification of candidates through relevant databases

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Screening, Engagement and Evaluation

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Submitting Short-listed profiles with the client and organizing direct discussion

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Final Short-listing, Negotiations, Selection and Ensuring successful Joining

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