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Our Services for Consumer Goods Companies

Customized Research & Strategy Formulation

India is one of the fastest emerging consumer economies of the world. Its overall population (1.2 Billion) is almost equivalent to the combined population of entire Europe (742 Million) and North America (528 Million)! Traditional retail formats (mom & pop grocery stores, pharmacies etc.) still dominate the overall retail market. Modern brick & mortar retail and e-commerce platforms are fast emerging. Consumer behavoir patterns in India (influencing factors, gender dominance in purchases,  preferred pack sizes, tastes etc.) can be completely different from the other western and asian markets. Regulations (disclosures on packaging, product licensing etc.) are also being streamlined for many product categories. Given these complexities, Reconstap plays a crucial role in helping its clients to understand the factors that are important to understand for building a strong foothold in India.

Customized Research

Some of the key insights that we deliver to our clients through our Market Research projects are as follows:

1. Market Sizing and Consumer Analysis -

2. Understanding Sales Channels in India -

3. Competition Benchmarking -

4. Regulatory Insights -

Strategy Formulation & Reccomendations

Basis this customized research, we help our clients to develop a result oriented and practical Go-To Market Strategy for establishing or expanding their India Presence. Key elements of our strategic advice include:

Assistance in tie-ups with Effective Partners

Development of a new market needs significant emphasis on selecting the right partners. Our objective is to help our client partner with right companies in India that have the vision, capabilities and desired experience to build and enhance market share for their principals.

Our comprehensive approach adopted for this process includes:

In addition to finding effective distributors, we also help our clients in tie-ups with leading e-commerce portals. While a Distributor ensures covering brick & mortar retail platforms in major cities, through online platforms companies can reach the emerging Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India.